Fancy Dress Ideas for Book Character Costumes

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Get to know about the various book characters that you or your child can dress up as. From fairytales to superheroes to sci-fi, the options are endless!

So your child has been asked to dress up as their favourite book character, and you’re wondering which costume to dress him up in? Fret not! We present to you the various characters that will ensure your little one looks cute as a button, and at the same time leaves an impression!

The Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter Costume

Throw in a black gown, round spectacles, a wand and draw a lightning mark on his forehead. Tada! We have our very own desi harry potter.

Dumbledore Costume

A greyish gown, white long beard(put a rubberband in the middle for added effect), half-moon glasses, a cap and a wand. That pretty much completes your Dumbledore costume.

Hermione Costume

Hermione was characterized by her bushy hair, the rest can be a black gown and a wand. Oh, and carry a book as well, for she taught us that being nerdy is cool!

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood Costume

A red and white grock, a red cape with a hood and a basket completes the costume.

Wolf Costume

Wear a wolf costume, and a nightgown and cap over it to look like the big bad wolf in grandma’s clothes.

Snow white Costume

Doll up your princess in a beautiful snow white costume, and add a red bow hairband and an apple! :)

Cinderella Costume

A beautiful blue gown alongwith a tiara is all it takes to be the most famous princesses of all time.

Beauty and the Beast Costumes

Beauty Costume

Let your little princess dazzle in a yellow gown, while she twirls and weaves magic with her charm.

Beast Costume

A beast headgear and a king’s costume below, is the perfect costume for Disney’s prince charming under a  beast-ly spell.

Rapunzel Costume

Try this look- a long blonde braid and a purple gown to look like this brave princess.

The Little Mermaid Costume

The mermaid costume is dazzling enough, but you can also add a red wig for an authentic Ariel look.

Alice in the wonderland Costume

A white and blue frock- the simplest of all, this costume is great for fans of the book.

Mad Hatter Costume

A long hat, a long coat with a few added accessories like a scarf, bow, waistcoat will look like an authentic costume.

Queen of Hearts Costume

A gown or a frock in the combination of red, white and black with hearts is fit for the queen of hearts!

Peter pan Costume

So cute for toddlers, this one. Off to neverland!

Alladin Costume

This one’s easy. Just put on a jacket over a harem, and complete the look with a cap! Add a lamp for that extra effect!

Pinnochio Costume

Dress up your child as Pinnochio-the naughty character with a long nose.

Superhero costumes

Superman, batman, spiderman, captain america, ironman- there are lots to choose from!

Winnie the Pooh Costume

The cutest of them all, winnie the pooh!

Willie Wonka Costume

A long coat, a hat and a stick for the character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

So, which character would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!


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